Other Substance Abuse Resources

Please visit the following links for helpful information on opioid addiction, treatment options, and other assistance:

Addiction Treatment Locator:
Has an online tool to search for treatment centers in Massachusetts by type of addiction and treatment available. Also includes support resources for families and friends.

Foundations Recovery Network:
Guides individuals on addiction treatment plans and finding a rehabilitation center.

G.R.A.S.P. (Grief Recovery After Substance Passing):
Provides resources and coping mechanisms for individuals who have experienced the passing of a loved one from substance abuse or addiction.

Key Resources for Prevention, Intervention, & Treatment of Substance Abuse:
A webpage created by the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services. It contains links to information on prescription dropbox locations, substance abuse education materials, treatment locators, and recovery support.

Learn to Cope:
Contains resources for families who are affected by addiction. It includes an online support forum and a list of local support meetings.

Lock Your Meds:
This campaign provides information on the prevention of children accessing and experimenting with family's and/or friend's prescription drugs. 

Marblehead Opioid Harm Reduction Resource Guide:
A pamphlet that contains important contact information for services, detox programs, treatment hotlines, and additional resources regarding opioid addiction.

Massachusetts 24/7 Helpline:
Contains toll-free contact information for help with addiction.

Massachusetts Pharmacies with Naloxone Standing Orders:
Contains a list of pharmacies with standing orders to distribute take-home naloxone rescue kits.

Naloxone Information Sheet:
Published by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and includes information on where one can obtain Naloxone and potentially prevent an opioid overdose.

Opioid Overdose Prevention & Reversal Information:
This information sheet includes facts about Naloxone and various contacts for obtaining Naloxone.

Pharmacy Naloxone Rescue Kit Access Program:
This brochure outlines how to obtain naloxone through a pharmacy and how to administer it in the event of an opioid overdose.

State Without StigMA:
Provides a toll-free number to contact for help and allows residents to sign a pledge to show support for individuals affected by addiction.

Stop Addiction In Its Tracks:
MA Governor Charlie Baker has established an Opioid Working Group that contributed to the development of this website, which contains a guide for parents on how to talk to their children about opioid use, as well as treatment options and contact information for assistance.