Task Force Against Discrimination

What We Do:

The Task Force Against Discrimination was formed to address the issue of prejudice and bigotry following an anti-Semitic incident in 1989.

The Commission, consisting of nine members, includes a member of the clergy, a law enforcement officer, an attorney or educator, and concerned citizens appointed yearly by the Board of Selectmen.  The commission's goal is to maintain a community where all individuals are welcome regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic background.  The Task Force meets throughout the year in open sessions to discuss concerns raised by the residents of the Town and to create ongoing programs that will celebrate diversity within the Town.

The Task Force Against Discrimination was instrumental in making the Town of Marblehead a No Place for Hate community, a project sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League, Massachusetts Municipal Association and Blue Cross-Blue Shield.  Marblehead has been awarded membership in No Place for Hate for the past three years.

When We Meet:

The Task Force Against Discrimination meets on an as-needed basis and is available to citizens at any time.  Meetings are posted.

To reach the Commission, contact the Selectmen's Office.

Board Members

Name Title
Helaine R. Hazlett Co-Chair
Anne Marie Hunter Co-Chair
Judith Wayne Member
Deacon John E. Whipple Member
Loren Weston Member
Linda Margolis Member
Christopher Bruell Member
Diane Levin Member
Chief Robert O. Picariello Ex-Officio Member
Gabrielle Rabinovich Student Representative
Benjamin Collette Student Representative