Finance Committee

What We Do:

The Finance Committee consists of nine members appointed by the Board of Selectmen to staggered three-year terms.  The Finance Committee functions in an advisory capacity for all financial matters of the Town.

The Committee reviews the budgets of all town departments and holds a public hearing on all Town Meeting warrant articles calling for the expenditure of Town funds. The Finance Committee's recommendations in favor, in opposition, to table or to indefinitely postpone these articles are included in the Report of the Finance Committee that is delivered to each home prior to Town Meeting. Copies of this report are also available at Town Meeting.

It should be noted that the committee may take a final position on some articles on the floor of Town Meeting that varies from the printed report. In the event of a Special Town Meeting (a Town Meeting called at any time other than the Annual Town Meeting), the Finance Committee's recommendations are distributed to the voters at the meeting.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Robert Ross Clerk/Secretary

Board Members

Name Title
Benjamin Berman Chair
Emily Belfbecker Vice Chair
Blair Nelson Vice Chair
Kevin Brodrick Member
Richard Doron Member
C. Pat Franklin Member
Matthew Herring Member
Adriaan Zur Muhlen Member
Alec Goolsby Member