Regulations & Permits

Town-Regulated Harbors

Town-regulated harbor areas include the Main Marblehead Harbor, the West Shore Harbor located within Salem Harbor, Little Harbor and the various coves and harbor areas north of the Town.  There is a potential for 3,000 mooring spaces within these areas.

Anchorage in the unrestricted waters south of the Causeway is regulated by the Coast Guard.

Rules & Regulations

Please review the Manual for Marblehead Waters that govern the waters of Marblehead.  There are many new regulations pertaining to the waiting list, proof of ownership and partnerships.

For additional information kindly e-mail your questions or concerns to the Harbormaster's Office.  The Harbor & Waters Board's annual report is included in the Town Report.

Municipal Costs

Municipal costs of maintaining the Marblehead Harbor and Water facilities, floats, equipment, boats, staff and services are met by harbor-generated revenues, including permit fees and excise tax returns on private boats.

Permits & Fees

A mooring permit fee is due yearly by February 1st.  All permit renewals must include a copy of current registration or Coast Guard documentation.

  • $8.00 per foot - Main Harbor
  • $7.00 per foot - West Shore
  • $3.50 per foot - Commercial Fishermen