Budget Review Committee

Established September 25, 2019, by a vote of the Board of Selectmen and the Marblehead School Department on September 25, 2019, by and through its School Committee, to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement, whereas the Selectmen and School Committee all have a vested interest in the long-term financial health and stability of the Town of Marblehead.  Under this agreement the following was voted:

Town and school officials shall participate in a budget review committee created by the Board of Selectmen jointly with the School Committee.  At minimum, membership shall include representatives from the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee and School Committee, Town Administrator, School Superintendent, Business Manager and Finance Director.

Purpose:  A budget review committee will review and analyze existing budgeting practices and processes, financial forecasts, revenue and expenditure trends, department budgets and operational needs, and make recommendations for future actions.

Board Members

Name Title
Jason Silva Town Administrator
Alison Nieto Finance Director
Yeimi Colon Assistant Finance Director
Jackie Belf-Becker Chair, Board of Selectmen
M. C. Moses Grader Board of Selectmen
Benjamin Berman Finance Committee
Emily Belfbecker Finance Committee
Blair Nelson Finance Committee
William McAlduff, Jr. Interim School Superintendent
Michele Cresta Business Manager
Meegan Taylor School Committee
Sarah Fox School Committee