Coastal Resilience Project ~ Part 3

Coasal Resilience Project-Part3

Marblehead Municipal Shipyard Resiliency Project

The Town, in partnership with the Marblehead Municipal Light Department, continues to build coastal resilience along the Marblehead Harbor for the at-risk project area encompassing the Marblehead Municipal Light Department (MMLD) and adjoining public parcels: Hammond Park, Parkers Boat Yard, Commercial Street Pier, Marblehead Yacht Club and the Cliff Street Boat Yard. With a two-year CZM Coastal Resilience grant (FY23-24), the Town will finalize the desired long-term retrofits and adaptations that were a product of its FY22 CZM Coastal Resilience grant.

Collins Engineers, with assistance from Woods Hole Group, will advance the design of repairs and improvements to Preliminary Design and start the permitting process. Improvements to all the project sites will be permitted as a singular project, but implementation may be done in phases by the Town, Harbors & Waters Board, and the Municipal Light Department. Salem Sound Coastwatch will continue the public engagement as expanding public access and water-related activities along the harbor remain high priorities as the shoreline is stabilized for future conditions.