Sewer Deduct Meters

The Marblehead Water and Sewer Commission allows customers who use a lot of outside water, such as for an irrigation system, to install a second meter.  This second meter, known as a deduct meter, measures the flow of water that does not enter the sanitary sewer system and is used to calculate a reduction in sewer use charges.  (The customer is still charged for the water that is used.)

A sewer deduct meter is purchased by and owned by the customer and the customer is entirely responsible for its maintenance and for assuring that it is recording accurately.  The Commission is in no way liable for meters that fail to record usage nor will any credit be issued for usage not recorded.

The meter must be installed by a licensed plumber at the customer's expense.  Installation must be done according to the plumbing inspector's requirements.  Obtaining appropriate plumbing and inspections is the responsibility of the customer or plumber.   View the Sewer Deduct Meters & Plumbing Inspector Requirements here.

After the meter has been inspected by the Building Inspection Department, the customer or plumber must notify the Water and Sewer Commission and schedule an inspection by a water department technician.  There is a $100.00 initial inspection fee and a fee of $100.00 for each re-inspection. The deduct meter is not recognized by the Water and Sewer Commission until all requirements are met.

Absolutely no sewer credit, refund or abatement will be issued for malfunctioning or faulty meters, incorrectly installed meters, meters not having the required inspections or meters that have not been recognized and accepted by the Water and Sewer Commission.  The customer is responsible for any usage not recorded on the deduct meter.

Read the SR & SRII Water Meters Installation Guidelines.