Athletic Fields

Opening & Closing Fields

All Town of Marblehead's Grass Fields will remain CLOSED until they are officially opened for the Spring 2020 Season.  We appreciate your cooperation in staying off the fields until they are officially open for the season.  We are hoping to open them before the end of the month, if the weather cooperates

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Updated on 03/12/20

The opening or closing of fields is decided by overall ground conditions, not the grooming or preparation for games.

Field Usage Policy
General criteria for evaluating playability and potential closure due to rain

  • Athlete safety
  • There may or may not be standing water on the field
  • You should hear no sound under your feet as you walk across the field
  • You should not leave a footprint anywhere on the field
  • The top 2 inches of soil should not be generally muddy
  • Consideration for turf density
  • Duration of the rain event and weather forecast for the immediate future

Field Reports:

Please do not call the office for field condition reports or updates; the office staff has no further information than what is posted here.
The Park Department Groundskeepers determine the status of fields and this page is updated only when they make changes.
All field scheduling is done through your league; please contact your team or league representative for any scheduling questions or requests.

Safety Note:

If thunderstorms are in the area, please seek appropriate safe shelter in a vehicle or a building. Do not shelter under trees.

Field Conditions:

As a general "rule of thumb", if fields are wet or frozen, please stay off of them until they have a chance to dry/thaw to avoid damage.
Fields are closed as needed to try and prevent damage that would result in costly repairs and/or extended closures.
Factors to determine closures include scheduled maintenance and general ground conditions such as compaction, drainage, etc.
Some fields react/recover differently which may result in fields being closed or re-opened individually.