Re Open Marblehead Committee

Established by the Board of Selectmen May 21, 2020.

PURPOSE: To develop a proposal to the Board of Selectmen to plan and implement a reopening process that prioritizes the health and well-being of the residents of Marblehead and supports the local economy and local business community. This Committee will be focused on the reopening of the local economy. Town buildings, facilities and recreational resources is already being planned out by an internal return-to-work working group created by the Town Administrator.

CONSIDERATIONS: Possible use of town open areas, parking spaces and portions of street to support business activity and local commerce; strategic partnerships between the town and business community for promotion/marketing opportunities; clearly communicate requirements, guidelines, etc. to business community and residents.

RATIONALE: It’s critical that the Town reopen in a thoughtful and safe manner. It’s also critical that the Town’s business community is supported during these difficult times. A collaborative effort is needed to develop a balanced approach to reopening understanding that all plans will be consistent with state guidance.

Re Open Marblehead Committee Members

Jason Silva

Town Administrator

Town Planner

Health Director

Building Commissioner

Jason R. Gilliland

Fire Chief

Robert O. Picariello

Police Chief

James E. Nye

Board of Selectmen

Beth Ferris

Chamber of Commerce

Doug Shube


Robert Simonelli

Restaurant Owner

Helaine R. Hazlett

Chair, Board of Health