3) Timeframe for Receiving Public Records

In most cases, you will have the opportunity to inspect the records in the possession of the Town of Marblehead during regular business hours or will receive copies of the records within 10 business days. The computation of time begins with the first business day following the date of transmission (electronic requests) or receipt of your request (mail or in-person requests).

In certain cases, if the nature of the Public Records Request is particularly voluminous or of a highly sensitive nature, it may take longer than 10 business days to provide for an inspection or to transmit copies of the requested records. In these cases, you will receive a preliminary written response notifying you of the intention to provide records at an interval not to exceed 25 days from the initial request. If a request is especially complex, the Town of Marblehead may need to petition the Supervisor of Records for a formal extension beyond 25 days. You will receive a copy of any such petition to the Supervisor of Records.

In rare cases, you may be denied access to certain records due to statutory exemption(s) from disclosure or on the basis of common law privilege, such as that which exists between an attorney and client. You will receive a detailed written notice of any such denial.

If your Public Records Request is not clear or reasonably descriptive, or is unreasonably burdensome, the Records Access Officer will contact you for clarification or potential modification of scope of your Public Records Request. The Town strives to make public information readily available and easily accessible through a prompt and accurate response to Public Records Requests.