2) Accessing Public Records

If you were not able to locate the desired record on the website, you may submit your request by doing one of the following:

1) Download the Public Records Request Form and e-mail, fax, or mail to the Records 
    Access Officer.
2) Go to the Online Public Records Request Form, complete the required information, and 
    submit online.

This form is intended to help you identify the records sought, as well as facilitate an efficient and timely response to your request. You may also submit your request in writing directly to the Records Access Officer. This can be done electronically via e-mail, or by hard copy via USPS mail or in-person delivery at the respective email address or mailing address listed in the contact box on this page (please note office hours in the contact box).

You may request to inspect, copy and/or to receive copies of the requested records. The Town is required to provide copies of records in an electronic format, unless such a format is not available or you cannot receive the records in electronic format.