Marblehead Mental Health Task Force

In light of the events of 2020/21, and because we know that history has shown that the mental health impact of disasters outlast the physical impacts, the Marblehead Mental Health Task Force will convene as a cross-sector group of community leaders to ensure that we are addressing and providing the appropriate intervention strategies to guide our citizens, and particularly the most vulnerable, toward improved mental health. The Task Force is created, and will operate, under the auspices of the Marblehead Board of Health and will report to the Board of Health. 

Board Members

Michelle B. Gottlieb

Chair, Board of Health

M. C. Moses Grader

Board of Selectmen

Ben Day

Director, MCC

Melissa Kaplowitch


Kimberly Leventhal


Kimberly Howard

Healthcare Professional

Dan Bauer

MHS Principal

Jeff Newsome

Village Guidance Counselor