Harbormaster Boats

There are four Town-owned boats.  The Harbors & Waters Board and the Harbormaster staff operate and maintain the following:

  • 31-foot Stacey H. Clark, a patrol boat that is equipped for fire-fighting;
  • 25-foot public safety vessel maintained by both the Harbormaster and Fire Department;
  • 27-foot Metal Shark equipped for speed and rescue;
  • 21-foot environmental pump-out vessel, for pumping out holding tanks.

Harbormaster boats are operational from May through October.  Call 911 for emergency assistance on the water or use marine frequency VHF Channel 16.

Email the Harbormaster for harbor maintenance and mooring assistance. Waste tank pump outs are available by hailing the pump out crew on Channel 9 Friday though Sunday from 9am to 3pm. You must be present on the vessel during the process.

The Harbormaster also assists in rescue operations with other agencies, including the Coast Guard and other area Harbormasters.