Harbor Plan Working Group

Harbor Plan Working Group – established by the Select Board, October 27, 2021.

The Harbor Planning Committee members serve to provide essential input into the decision-making and feedback gathering process in the development of the town’s Harbor Plan. Members serve as representatives of their particular board, committee or constituencies to ensure that relevant groups are consulted for essential input. The Harbor Plan is meant as a document which presents the community’s goals, objectives and recommendations for guiding public and private use of the land and water of its harbor areas and also establishes an implementation program. The Town has contracted with consultant Innes Associates Ltd./ Tighe and Bond Engineering to assist the Town with this project. The project was funded by the Massachusetts Seaport Economic Council.

Board Members

Name Title
Thatcher W. Kezer III Town Administrator

Committee Members

James Ashton

Chamber Commerce Member

Matt Finn

Commercial Fishing Representative

Amy Hirschkron

Disabilities Commission

Gary Gregory

Harbors & waters Board

John Doub

Harbors & Waters Board

Rossanna Ferrante

Planning Board

Matthew C. Martin

Recreation & Parks Commission

Robert Howie

Sustainable Marblehead

Amy Drinker

At Large Representative

William E. Conly

At Large Representative

Select Board

Select Board

Thatcher W. Kezer III

Town Administrator

Town Planner

Charles Quigley

Town Engineer

Amy McHugh

Director, DPW