Wetlands Protection

Private & Public Wetlands:

No private or public wetlands in Marblehead may be filled, excavated or altered without an appropriate permit issued by the Conservation Commission.  Please contact the Commission before any work is done in a wetland area.

Wetlands Permit:

To obtain a permit, file a Notice of Intent or a Request for a Determination of Applicability and attend a public hearing.  Forms are available in the Office of the Conservation Administrator at Mary Alley Municipal Office Building, 7 Widger Road, or on the MA State website for Wetlands and Waterways Forms.  Fee varies.

Wetlands Protection Bylaw Regulations:

1.1 Introduction. The Marblehead Conservation Commission pursuant to authority granted under Town of Marblehead Bylaws, Chapter 194, Section 194-8 promulgates these Wetlands Protection Bylaw Regulations. These Wetlands Protection Bylaw Regulations shall complement Town of Marblehead Bylaws, Chapter 194, Wetlands Protection, and shall have the force of law.  Continue reading here...