Property Assessments

Real Estate:

  • Values are determined by the Assessors Office (View online Property Assessment Data).
  • You may dispute your property tax bill.
  • Exemptions may be available for the elderly, blind, widows, and veterans.

Motor Vehicles:

  • Values are determined by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.


  • Values are determined by state statute (Chapter 60B) and are based on length and age of the vessel.
  • All boat owners must annually complete and file with the Assessor's office a Boat Declaration form (2BE).   The Harbormaster's Office mails the 2BE form along with the annual Mooring Permit renewals.
  • Boat Declaration forms are due no later than August 1st of the current fiscal year.   However, a mooring permit will not be issued until the Boat Declaration form is returned.   It is suggested you file the 2BE form when you renew your mooring permit.