Gatchell Playground

Gatchell's 8.33 acres has a basketball court, Little League Baseball fields, a Midget Football field, playground equipment, bleachers, benches, restroom facilities and parking.  It is located at the intersection of West Shore Drive and Lafayette Street.

Gerry Playground

Gerry Playground is home of Header's Haven Playground.  Its 6.85 acres located on Stramski Way, off  West Shore Drive, overlooks Salem Harbor on Marblehead's West Side.  Gerry Playground offers picnic tables and cookout grills, a fenced-in children's playground, beach area, pram racks and parking.

Hobbs Playground

This 1.14 acre playground, found on Clifton Avenue, offers playground equipment and a Little League field.

Orne Playground

The 5.22 acres that make up Orne Playground borders Shepard Street and offers a softball field and playground equipment.

Reynolds Playground

Located off Green Street, this 5.45 acre playground has picnic tables, playground equipment, softball fields, a pavilion, benches and restroom facilities.