Harbor Picture by Rob Kipp,
Spirit of ’76 Picture by Nick Fader

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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Indexed Links - Town Services and Information

Useful Links to Town Services and Information

Family and Household
   Beach Parking (Devereux)
    Bus/Train Schedules
    Community Events
    Facility Stickers
    Lost and Found Pets
    Museum Passes
    Public Meetings
    Recreation Programs
    State/Federal Offices
    Trash Collection/Disposal
    Voter Registration
    Walking Trails
    Website Contacts

Public Health
    Animal Bites
    Flu Clinics
    Hazardous Waste
    Health Issues
    On-line Forms
    Paint Removal Regulations
    Public Health Nurse
    Transfer Station Sticker

    Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatements
    On-line Payments
    Property Assessments
    Tax Bill Disputes
    Tax Rate
Public Services
    Drains (Street)
    Recreation Programs
    Road Maintenance/Hazzards
    State/Federal Offices
    Transfer Station
    Trash Collection/Disposal
    Tree Damage
    Water and Sewer Rates

Public Safety
    Animal Control Fine Payments
    Animal Control Bylaws
    Building Codes
    Building Inspections 
    Car Safety Seat Program
    Community Policing
    Emergency Management
    Fire Department Programs
    Fire Prevention
    Parking Tickets
    Sex Offenders List
    Solicitation Regulations

On-Line Forms
    Affident of Service - Abutter Notification
    Affidavit of Service - Town Agencies
    Application for Permit for Paint Removal
    Design Review Application
    Employee Direct Deposit
    Farmers' Market Food Safety Permit
    Food Establishment Application
    Food Establishment Closure
    Mobile Food Safety Permit
    Motor Vehicle Crash Report
    One Day Food Service Permit
    Recreational Camp Application
    Retiree Direct Deposit
    Tax Payments
    Tree (Public) Problem Report

Licenses, Permits and
    Birth Certificate
    Building Permit
    Business Certificate
    Death Certificate
    Dog License
    Drain Permit
    Engineering Permit
    Fire Department Permits
    Firearm Permit
    Gas & Plumbing Permits
    Health Department Permits
    Marriage Certificate
    Marriage License
    Park & Recreation Permits
    Sewer Permits
    Shellfish Permit
    Soliciation Permit
    Water Permits
    Wiring Permit

Senior Services
    Tax Assistance
    Veteran's Assistance
    Work-off Program

Government And Town
    Boards and Commissions
    Building Code (State)
    Bylaws (Town)
    Directions to Town Offices
    Election Information
    Financial Reports
    Finance Committee Reports
    Historic Districts
    Inspectional Services
    Maps - GIS and Site Locator
    Parking Tickets
    Public Meetings
    Town Departments
    Town Meeting
    Town Reports
    Veterans Assistance
    Voting Information
    Website Contact
    Zoning Bylaws and Regulations

    Animal Shelter
    Beach Parking (Devereux)
    Bus/Train Schedules
    Community Events Calendar
    Conservation Lands
    Facility Stickers
    Flag Disposal
    Harbor and Water Regulations
    Library (Abbot Public)
    Maps - GIS and Site Locator
    Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatement
    Museum Passes
    Parking Tickets
    Photos of Marblehead
    Recreation Programs
    Spirit of '76 Prints
    State/Federal Offices
    Swap Shed
    Veteran's Assistance
    Website Contact
    Zoning Bylaws and Regulations