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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Taxation Aid for the Elderly and Disabled

Taxation Aid Committee

Lisa Hooper, Director Council On Aging
Patricia Murray, Town Treasurer
John Kelley, Chairman, Board of Assessors
Pam Foye

The Town of Marblehead has accepted the provisions of Section C60/S3D to assist low income elderly and disabled persons to help meet their property tax obligations. The Town has formed a Taxation Aid Committee consisting of the chairman of the Board of Assessors, Town Treasurer and three appointed residents. This committee has adopted guidelines to carry out the provisions of this section and to identify the recipients of such aid.

Complete the Aid to the Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund Application and return it to:
    Taxation Aid Committee
    c/o Town Treasurer
    Mary A Alley Municipal Building
    7 Widger Road
    Marblehead, MA 01945

    Taxation Aid Committee
    c/o Council on Aging
    10 Humphrey Street
    Marblehead, MA 01945

The committee will review all applications and all information will be held in strict confidence.

In addition to the completed application, applicants must also submit the following documentation (please furnish copies and keep your originals):
    1.  Proof of Age (driver's license, birth certificate, etc.) if filing as age 60 or more
    2.  Proof of disability (evidence of SSDI, disabled veteran benefits, etc.) if filing as
         under age 60 and disabled
    3.  Tax bill for the property (most recent)
    4.  Tax return or income verification for prior year

If you need assistance in completing this application, please contact the Marblehead Council on Aging at 781 631-6737.