Harbor Picture by Rob Kipp,
Spirit of ’76 Picture by Nick Fader

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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945

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Abatement of Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
Abbot Hall
Abbot Public Library

Absentee Ballot
    Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)
Administrator, Town
Animal Control
Annual Financial Report, Comprehensive (CAFR)
Appliance Rebates, Energy Efficient
Animal Shelter
Appeals, Zoning Board of
Assessors, Board of


Beaches, Parks, Playgrounds, Trails and Conservation Lands
Birth Certificate
Blood Pressure Screenings
Boards and Commissions
Boat Dockage
Budget Inquiries
Building Code, Massachusetts
Building Department
    Building Permits
Building Inspections
Bus Schedules (M.B.T.A. Public Transportation)
Business Certificate
By Laws


Capital Planning Committee
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Carbon Monoxide Detector Certificate
Castle Rock Park
Cemetery Commission
Census Form
Certificate of Appropriateness Application - Old and Historic Districts 
Chamber of Commerce
Chandler Hovey Park
Child Car Safety Seat Program
Children's Recreational Camp License Application
Collector, Tax
Community Center
    Facility Usage Application
Community Events Calendar
Community Events Calendar Submission Form
Community Policing
Commuter Rail Service
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)
Conservation Commission
    Meeting Minutes
    Locus Map
    Regulations and Forms
Conservation Lands, Parks, Playgrounds, Beaches and Trails
Contact List
Council on Aging
    Emergency Assistance Program
Crime Tips
Crocker Park
Curb-side Pickup, Recyclables
    Legal Holidays Affecting Collection Schedule
Curb-side Pickup, Trash
    Legal Holidays Affecting Collection Schedule


Death Certificate
Deputy Tax Collector (Kelley & Ryan Associates)
Devereux Beach
Directions to Town Offices and Buildings
Disabled Identification Registry
Disabilities Commission
Disaster Assistance
Disposal of Hazzardous Waste
Disposal of Large or Bulky Items
Dockage for Boats
Dog Licenses
Dog Officer
    Permits and Licenses


Election Information
Electric Service
Emergency Assistance Program for Seniors and Disabled
Emergency Management Coordinator
Emergency Medical Services Committee
Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebates
Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs, Leasing of
    Permits and Licenses
Essex County Officials and Offices
Excise Tax Abatement


Fair Housing Committee
Farmers' Market Mobile Operations Food Safety Permit Application
Federal Officials and Offices
Fence Viewer
Finance Committee
Financial Reports, Comprehensive Annual (CAFR)
Financial Services
Fire Alarm Master Box Fee
Fire Arms Permit
Fire Department
    Permits and Licenses
Fireworks Committee
Flood Insurance Rating Maps
Flag Disposal Service
Food Establishment Permit Application
Food Service Safety Permit Application - One Day
Food Service Safety Permit Application - Pushcarts & Mobile
Forest River Conservation Area
Forestry (Tree) Department
Fort Beach and Lovis Cove
Fort Sewall
Fort Sewall Oversight Committee
Fountain Park
Fresh Produce, Tips for Buying, Storing and Preparing
Frequently Asked Questions
Friends of Marblehead Abandoned Animals (FOMMA)


Gas House Beach
Gas Inspector
Gatchell Playground
Gerry Playground
GIS (Geographic Information System)
Glover's Marblehead Regiment
Government, Form of (Town Meeting)
Grace Oliver Beach
Grave Rubbing Permit


    Harbor and Waters Information and Regulations
    Harbor and Waters Manual
    Mooring Permit
Hawthorn Pond Conservation Area
Hazzardous Waste
Health, Board of
    Permits and Licenses
Highway Department
Historian, Town
Historical Commission
History, Town of Marblehead
Hobb's Playground
How Do I ...?


Internet Scams and Fraud, Reporting


Jeremiah Lee Mansion
Joe Frogger Cookie Recipe (Marblehead Cookies)

Kelley & Ryan Associates (Deputy Tax Collector)

Large or Bulky Items, Disposal of
Leasing of Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs
Lee Mansion, Jeremiah
Library, Abbot Public
Licenses and Permits
Lien Certificates, Municipal
Light Commission, Minicipal
Light Department Bills, Direct Payment


Manual, Harbors and Waters
Map, Old and Historic Districts
Map, Town of Marblehead
Marblehead Cookies - Joe Frogger Recipe
Marblehead Forever - Official Town Anthem
Marblehead Forever Committee
Marblehead Museum
Manual for Marblehead Waters
Marriage License and Intentions
M.B.T.A. (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)
Massachusetts State Building Code
Meals Program for Senior Citizens
Meeting Calendar, Public
Meeting Minutes, Conservation Commission
Meeting Minutes, Board of Selectmen
Memorial Park
Mercury Recovery Program
Mooring Permit
Mosquito-Borne Disease Prevention Precautions
Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatement
Municipal Lien Certificate
Museum Passes



Old and Historic Districts Commission
    Certificate of Appropriateness Application
    Map of Old and Historic Districts
    Permits and Licenses
Old Burial Hill
Old Marblehead Cod (The) Senior Newsletter
Old Town House
One Day Food Service Safety Permit Application
On-Line Payment of Taxes
Open Space Committee
Operator Report, Motor Vehicle Crash
Organic Pest Management Program
Organization Chart, Town Government
Orne Playground


Park Use Application
Parking Ban, Winter Overnight
Parking Clerk
Parking Tickets, Payments and Appeals
Parks Department
Parks, Playgrounds, Beaches, Trails and Conservation Lands
Permits and Licenses
Photo Gallery
Planning Board
Playgrounds, Parks, Beaches, Bike and Conservation Lands
Plumbing Inspector
Police Department
    Alerts and Information
    Crime Tips Line
    Current Crime Issues
    Permits and Licenses
Police Museum
Powder House
Prescription Discounts for Veterans
Precints, Voting
"Proper Sharps Disposal Program"
Property Assessments
Property Tax - Disputing a Bill
Property Tax, On-line Payment
Public Meeting Calendar
Public Safety
Public Transportation
Pushcarts & Mobile Food Safety Permit Application


Rail Road Right-of-Way
Rebates, Energy-Efficient Appliances
Recreation Department
    Permits and Licenses
    Programs and Registrations
Recycling Curb-side Pick-up
Redd's Pond
Registration, Voter
Resource Directory
Reynold's Playground
Riverhead Beach
Robinson Farm Conservation Area


S.A.F.E. Program (Student Awareness Fire Education Program)
Scams and Frauds, Common
Scholarship Committee
School Department
Sealer of Weights and Measures
Seaside Park
Selectmen, Board of
    Meeting Minutes
Senior Meals
Senior Transportation
Sewer Department
Shellfish Constables
Snow Disposal Guidance Policy
Solicitor/Canvasser Regulations
Spirit of 76 Picture Sales
State Officials and Offices
Stolen/Lost Property Report
Stramski's Beach
Stramski's Pier Project
Steer Swamp Conservation Area
Streets and Highways
Swap Shed


Task Force Against Discrimination
Tax Collector
Tax Information
Tax Payment, On-line
Taxation Aid for Seniors
Tide Chart
Town Administrator
Town Anthem, Official - Marblehead Forever
Town Clerk
    Permits and Licenses
Town Historian 
Town Government Organization Chart
Town House, Old 
Town Meeting
Traffic and Safety Advisory Committee
Train Schedules (M.B.T.A. Public Transportation)
Transfer Station Use Permit (Facility Permit)
Transportation, Public
Transportation, Senior
Trash and Recycling Fees
Trash, Curbside Pick-up
    Facility Use Sticker
Tree (Forestry) Department
    To Report a Public Tree Problem
Trips for Seniors



Veterans Services
Voter Information
Voting Precints
Voter Registration


Warrant for 2007 Annual Town Meeting
Ware Pond Conservation Area
Waste Department
    Hazzardous Waste
    Transfer Station Use Permit (Facility Sticker)
Water Department
Water and Sewer Commission
Waters and Harbors Manual
Waterside Cemetery
Website Committee
Weights aqnd Measures, Sealer of
Wildlife Sanctuary
Winter Overnight Parking Ban
Wire Inspector
Wyman Woods Conservation Area




    By Laws and Regulations
    Permits and Licenses
Zoning Board of Appeals