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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Open Space Committee
Rebecca Curran
Town Planner

Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA  01945

fax 781-631-8571

    What We Do
    Members of the Selectmen's Subcommittee on the Acquisition and Preservation of Open Space in the Town of Marblehead are appointed annually by the Board of Selectmen for one-year terms.  Appointments to this subcommittee are made during the Selectmen's annual re-organization meeting which occurs during the first Selectmen's meeting after the annual town election in May of each year.

    The Subcommittee has been charged with a mission by the Board of Selectmen to identify and investigate parcels of open space to be submitted to Marblehead Town Meeting for acquisition by the Town for open space and/or preservation.

This charge includes:
  1. The presentation of warrant articles at town meetings recommending the acquisition of parcels of land and appurtenances thereon within the Town of Marblehead primarily for the purposes of maintaining open space or other "low-impact" municipal land uses that are consistent with improving the quality of life within the Town of Marblehead
  2. Working with Town Meeting in conjunction with other Town boards, commissions and officers to adopt planning, zoning and assessment practices and policies that reinforce the objective of preserving and acquiring open space in the Town of Marblehead
  3. Working with private property owners and non-profit agencies to identify opportunities to preserve open space and work towards municipal/non-profit/land owner agreements to preserve open space in the town of Marblehead
  4. Facilitating communication between citizens/ taxpayers and Town boards, commissions and officers about the benefits of maintaining open space as an enhancing feature to the quality of life in Marblehead and the affect of maintaining open space upon the cost of future services provided by the government of the Town of Marblehead.

When We Meet
The Selectmen's Open Space Subcommittee meets on an "as needed" basis (typically, monthly or bi-weekly) throughout the year with the exception of the months of July and August during which meetings will only occur as required to conduct the business of the committee in a timely manner.

All meetings are posted as required by the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law on the Town of Marblehead Meeting Bulletin Board located in Abbot Hall adjacent to the Selectmen's Office.  For citizens and interested persons desiring to attend, it is best to call the Town Planner, Rebecca Curran, at 781-631-0000 to determine the dates and times of upcoming meetings.

In addition, questions regarding the current work of the committee and meeting agendas can be obtained from the Town Planner during regular operating hours of the Office of the Marblehead Board of Selectmen.

Subcommittee meetings are typically held at 6:00 P.M. at one of the following locations (the location will be referenced in the meeting announcement which must be posted 48 hours in advance of any committee meeting)
  • Location 1: Marblehead Community Center Board Meeting Room, Humphrey Street, Marblehead, MA
  • Location 2: Abbot Hall, Washington Street, Marblehead, MA.

Citizen Feedback
The Subcommittee invites and welcomes the input and feedback of citizens, taxpayers, property owners, non-profit agencies and other Town boards, commissions and officers regarding ideas about acquiring open space within the Town of Marblehead.

Marblehead Open Space and Recreation Plan - 2012