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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Information and Regulations
Town regulated harbor areas include the Main Marblehead Harbor, the West Shore Harbor located within Salem Harbor, Little Harbor and the various coves and harbor areas north of the Town. There is a potential for 3,000 mooring spaces within these areas. Anchorage in the unrestricted waters south of the Causeway is regulated by the Coast Guard.

Mooring and Anchoring
Use of harbor mooring space is regulated by the Town, and a permit must be obtained from the Harbormaster before installing mooring equipment or anchoring any boat in the area. Mooring permits are limited in number and are only transferable between spouses and children. One can expect to be placed on a long waiting list. Mooring permit holders are required to inform the Harbormaster when their mooring is available for temporary use. The Eastern, Corinthian and Boston Yacht Clubs jointly maintain guest moorings at the harbor entrance. Persons in need of a temporary mooring should contact these sources or the Harbormaster.

Mooring Permit Application and Waiting List Policy
All persons wanting to be assigned a mooring location within Marblehead Waters must complete a Waiting List Application. Before completing a mooring permit application, please refer to the application instructions and waiting list policy.

Moorings - Waiting List Alphabetical

Moorings - Waiting List By Boat Length

Moorings - Waiting List Numerical

Moorings - Waiting List by Year & Number

Temporary Moorings must be requested each year before February 1st.  Assignment is determined by availability and waiting list number.

2017 Temporary Mooring Wait List

Piers and Docks
Pier construction into the waters off Marblehead must be approved by the Army Corps of Engineers. Contact the Harbormaster for the details of the procedures involved.

Private floats (floating docks) moored in the harbor must also have a permit issued by the Harbormaster. Floats may be stored at Riverhead Beach during the winter under the auspices of the Recreation, Parks, and Forestry Department.

Tucker's Wharf Dockage
Vessels requesting transient dockage at Tucker's Wharf may do so beginning March 1. Reservation requests may be made via e-mail, fax, telephone or by written request as well as channel 16 VHF radio and will be assigned in the order in which they are received. Rates and requirements can be found in the Tucker's Wharf Dockage Policy.

Public Landings and Floats
The Harbors and Waters Board and the Harbormaster are responsible for the powered fishermen's conveyor belt at State Street Landing and the commercial and recreational floats at
  • Commercial Street
  • Crocker Park (swim float)
  • State Street (public landing)
  • Gerry Playground (public sailing program floats)
  • Village Street (public landing)
  • Cliff Street Boatyard (public landing)
  • Parker's Boatyard (public landing)

Tucker's Wharf is a Town-owned landing with laundry, showers, and restrooms for visiting boaters. For further information about public landings, contact the Harbormaster's Office.

Harbormaster Boats
There are four Town-owned boats. The Harbors and Waters Board and the Harbormaster staff operate and maintain
  • The 31-foot Stacey H. Clark, a patrol boat that is equipped for fire-fighting
  • A 25-foot public safety vessel maintained by both the Harbormaster and Fire Department 
  • 27-foot Metal Shark equipped for speed and rescue 
  • A 21-foot environmental pump-out vessel, for pumping out holding tanks

Harbormaster boats are operational from May through October. Call 911 for emergency assistance on the water or use marine frequency VHF Channel 16. E-mail the Harbormaster for harbor maintenance, mooring and pump-out assistance. The Harbormaster also assists in rescue operations with other agencies, including the Coast Guard and other area harbormasters.

Municipal Costs
Municipal costs of maintaining the Marblehead Harbor and Water facilities, floats, equipment, boats, staff and services are met by harbor-generated revenues, including permit fees and excise tax returns on private boats.

Mooring Permit Fee, yearly, due by February 1. All permit renewals must include a copy of current registration or Coast Guard documentation.

$6.50/foot main harbor, $5.50/foot West Shore

Manual for Marblehead Waters
This is a manual of rules and regulations that govern the waters of Marblehead. There are many new regulations pertaining to the waiting list, proof of ownership and partnerships.  The Harbormaster is in the process of updating this publication.  For additional information kindly e-mail your questions or concerns to the Harbormaster's Office. The Harbor and Waters Board's annual report is included in the Town Report.