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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Dispute Property Tax Bill
Disputing Real Estate Property Tax Bills


The appeal process for disputing real estate property bills is done through an abatement procedure. Abatement applications are available at the assessors office located at the Mary Alley Municipal Building.   Assessor’s Office Contact Information.

All abatement applications must be filed after receiving your third quarter tax bill in December but no later than the close of business on February 1. (If February 1 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the application is due the next business day) No abatement can be granted unless the application is filed by the stated deadline. 

Abatement Form - No Electronic Filing
Accepted Abatement Forms - Must be received either by US Postal Service (date stamped)

or hand delivered to Assessor’s Office ONLY 

Pay Your Tax Bill
Filing an appeal does not relieve you of paying the taxes when they are due. Tax payments need to be made in a timely manner in order to preserve your rights for further appeal to the State.

When you contest the assessed value of your property, you must provide evidence on the application to support your contention. You may also attach an appraisal done by an independent appraiser with the understanding that any assumptions reached by this appraiser may have been influenced by the purpose of the appraisal.

Please Allow 90 Days
The Board of Assessors has 90 days from the date the application was filed to act on the appeal. Each and every applicant will receive written notification of the decision of the board.  Any amendment to taxes paid will be adjusted on the fourth quarter tax bill. If there was an overpayment of taxes, a refund will be generated at the end of the fiscal year (June 30).

Appealing the Board's Decision
Anyone disagreeing with the decision of the board may file an appeal with the state Appellate Tax Board. This appeal must be submitted within three months of the board's decision.